Security Lighting

Commercial building operators, in office settings, warehouses and plants, and in multi-unit apartment//condo complexes, use security lighting both indoors and outdoors to enhance the security of their facilities. Such lighting also is appreciated by tenants who gain a level of comfort from lighted parking lots, entrances and exits, and in hallways and common areas.

Allstar Electrical Services provides are full array of security lighting services to facilities managers, beginning with the design of lighting systems that will meet the security requirements of the facility. We always keep in the mind the cost of operating such systems and install lighting that not only provides more than adequate light coverage for maximum security, but also does so utilizing modern light fixtures and bulbs that are the most energy efficient and money-saving unites available.

Lighting designers at Allstar Electrical Services will work with architects, space planners and even insurance companies to design security lighting systems – either on newly constructed facilities or in retrofit situations – that secure the property, and then our professional electricians will install the system for the most cost-effective operation and then maintain it for top-notch operation for years to come. 

Homeowners too can benefit from security lighting, and the professionals at Allstar Electrical Services are experts at installing residential porch lights, motion-sensitive spots and floods, as landscape lighting that will act as a major deterrent to property theft.

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