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If you’re weighing what room in your home to remodel to get the most bang out of your investment buck, start with the kitchen, the most used room in a home. At the foundation of kitchen operations is safe electrical service with ample outlets to handle multiple functions at once.

Newer electrical standards require that dishwashers have their own outlet and be on their own switch versus the outdated practice of wiring the dishwasher for service. Many a home fire has started underneath a dishwasher wired in this outlawed mode.

Replacing outdated lighting, especially the recessed fluorescent fixtures so popular in the 70s and 80s goes a long way to putting a new face on an older kitchen. Flip through a home design magazine and you’ll notice the new kitchens are outfitted with recessed lighting on the ceiling, optimally controlled with dimmer switches, plus pendant lighting, mini pendants and island lighting that can convert your interest in wanting to dine out to staying in. Under-cabinet lighting highlights the counter surface and makes it easier to work effectively. Commercial grade ventilation fans can put a stop to your smoke detector going off every time you get the urge to cook. Not to mention that smoke detectors save lives and didn’t used to be a requirement, but are now.

Whether your remodeling project is limited to changing out a light fixture, adding smoke detectors or gutting the room to start from scratch, Allstar Electrical Services professional electricians can make sure that your investment is safe and passes code.

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