Hot Tub Wiring

Just about everyone has seen advertisements for hot tubs and spas and thought, “I could really enjoy having that in my home.” And you can. But these amenities, what with their heaters, whirlpools, jets, lights, and the lighting for the surrounding deck area, are particularly dependent upon proper electrical wiring to guarantee the comfort year-round.

At Allstar Electrical Services we have installed the electrical system that keep these wonderful assets running properly for years to comes, but we have to admit that we have been called out several times to re-do or re-work the electrical after a homeowner or handyman couldn’t get it right. It’s best to call in the professional right from the start to ensure that the electrical load is proper, that the right kind of circuits for code are employed (after all, these are water-based devices), and that worry-free operation is the result.

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