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Commercial electrical needs are always changing – new buildings, retro-fit facilities, new tenants, new space uses, new lighting options, energy savings, remodeling, security – and Allstar Electrical does it all.

Commercial, retail, industrial and warehouse facilities developers and managers rely on Allstar Electrical Services Commercial Division to handle every aspect of a facility’s electrical demands, from small jobs to add capacity or light, to entire project design-build services requiring a detailed electrical plan and engineering drawings to build it right from the start.

Our well-trained, experienced professional commercial electricians have extensive experience in every aspect of commercial electrical services. We design and build whole facility electrical services for new buildings and retro-fit buildings, and we have a long list of regular customers who call on us to provide everyday electrical services like outfitting new workstations and redoing lighting packages in a warehouse, to expertly wiring the electrical for new production machinery and providing security control access systems.

Here are some of the major Commercial electrical services provided by Allstar Electrical Services’ Commercial Division:

  • Design-build services. Developers, architects, building owners and facilities managers call on Allstar Electrical Services to provide detailed whole-facility electrical plans, complete with engineering drawings that are submitted to government building supervisory agencies for pre-approval. We then undertake the installation of those plans in the facility and carry the load through to inspection and operation.

  • Security wiring and lighting. We install access control systems, Exit signs, egress lighting, and outdoor lighting that ensures the facility is secure.

  • Service panel installations and upgrades. As needs change and equipment and offices move within a facility, the service panels often need upgrades to handle the load. 

  • Parking lot lighting. Parking lot lighting is an important aspect of operating a commercial facility and getting the right lights at the lowest operational costs in our specialty. We also design and install LEEDS certified parking lot lighting.

  • Identity signage. Many major tenants and facility managers like the convenience of identity signage that lights the way to the property, and we are experts at the branding icons.

  • Remodel and retro-fitting design and installation. We facility managers and even tenants decide to re-purpose the interior space for a better use pattern, the best place to start is with a detailed electrical plan and lighting plan that anticipates the load and the need and gets it done beautifully. 

  • New tenant finish. Leasing space is important and one key aspect is tenant finish for that new lessor to achieve just the right workspace. Our electrical design and implementation services will get the power loads correct, the lighting perfect for the tasks at hand, and get the job done quickly.

  • Outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting on a commercial property enhances both the “curb appeal” of the facility and the security – and our electrical design programs for outdoor lighting also anticipate the costs and deliver a low-operational expense item without sacrificing the décor and security.

  • Specialty electrical services. Many production facilities require extra electrical services to accommodate heavy duty machinery, often on dedicated lines with backup power sources. We are experts at such installations.

  • Computer server rooms. Almost every company these days operates a high level of high tech equipment to keep their business humming. Our design services include setting up computer server rooms that ensure enough power to keep the business online, as well as the necessary cooling devices that keep them safe and secure.

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