Electric Meter Installation

Here at Allstar Electrical Services we install many new electric usage meters when we upgrade the service panels on customers’ home and in commercial properties as well.

These meters – the familiar glass bubble with the spinning silver disk that measure electric usage for the utility for billing purposes – almost always has to be replaced with a service upgrade, and it is also a good idea to get a new meter even if no major service changes are required.

The reason? Meter technology, like many other things in modern life, has changed quite a bit in recent years for a couple of reasons: First, because the newer meters contain digital communications technology they can be read and monitored by the utility companies in a much more efficient manner, meaning that the “meter reader” doesn’t have to traipse all over you property anymore to get the necessary billing and usage information. And second, the newer meters are more accurate and information-inclusive, which allows for better confidence in the billing, better estimating in budget billing, and more information on energy use and times used that can be useful for energy efficiency responses. These newer meters are also highly useful for people or companies with facilities or homes equipped with solar panels for electrical generation where the meter “spins backwards” to measure the contribution to the electric grid – for savings and energy use credits.

Allstar Electrical Services has installed hundreds of electric meters in both homes and commercial properties, and we can do the job efficiently, quickly and take care of all the necessary connections and notifications with the local utility company, no matter what the company.

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