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There are many electrical appliances used in both homes and office settings that are meant to be built in or require dedicated electrical service not only to operate safely but to enhance the ambiance of the décor. Clothes dryers, ovens, refrigerators, built-in microwave ovens, dishwashers, and disposers are obvious and have been around for decades, of course, but lately the experts at Allstar Electrical Services are seeing such things as built-in coffee makers/bars, wine chillers, ice machines, kitchen entertainment systems and – a growing trend – hook-ups in the garage for plug-in electric vehicles among the more modern additions.

Some of these devices require 220V receptacles or hook-ups, but whether its 220V or 110V these are not the kind of amenities that simply plug in – they are often designed to fit snugly in recesses or to be installed in cabinets where unsightly cords and connections can be hidden from view.

In any case, all such appliances and devices require the expert knowledge of a seasoned electrician to be installed properly and to run efficiently. In addition to getting these appliances beautifully in place, Allstar Electrical Services electricians also ensure that the electric load capacities in the room can handle the demand and can make changes to the circuits to properly balance the electrical use for safe operation.

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