Englewood is home to 30,252 residents and 1,699 businesses. In 1864 an Irish immigrant named Thomas Skerritt laid claim to a 640 acre homestead that encompassed most of present-day Englewood. Legend has it that Skerritt got tired of traveling the old Santa Fe Trail to Denver to sell his produce, so he plowed two furrows, one on each side of the road, from Englewood to Cherry Creek. He drove down the center of the furrows, pulling a heavy log behind the wagon to create a broad roadway. Because the road was the widest street in the area, it was referred to as “Broadway,” and remains to this day one of the main thoroughfares in the metro area.

Englewood is an important service locale for Allstar Electrical Services, as we visit homes and businesses throughout this important community on a regular basis for electrical work large and small.

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