Outdoor Lighting

When you see all of the newer homes going up in many neighborhoods around the Denver metro area, one of the key things you’ll notice that they all share and makes them stand out from the older homes is outdoor lighting. Not just porch lights – although they are important too – but decorative illumination lighting the walls, walkway lighting, and beautiful lifestyle lighting on patios and outdoor living spaces.

All of this lighting adds beauty and “curb appeal” to these homes, but it is also recommended for safety and security: navigating the walkways at night is much easier, and more importantly burglars are known to avoid attempting break-ins at well-lit properties.

Homeowners with older homes are discovering the value of outdoor lighting as well, and Allstar Electrical Services personnel are experts in adding all of these amenities to any home. Flood light added discretely in the flower beds or along the foundation base add an aura of elegance to the home while at the same time providing one of the best security measures a homeowner can have. Walkway lighting on the front walk and on paths in the back and side yards also adds beauty to the home while at the same time clearly marking these pathways. Porch lights, lights on the garage and floods for basketball courts – often with motion sensors – make the home more inviting and protected. And twinkle lights, patio illumination and other options for outdoor living spaces enhance the value, comfort and usability of these areas like never before.

Before you think that all of this extra electricity is going to boost your utility bill each month, think again. Allstar Electrical Services recommends durable, energy-efficient outdoor lighting systems that illuminate beautifully at a fraction of the electric costs experienced just a few years ago. Low-wattage bulbs, solar lights, and low-voltage lighting systems these days offer all the benefits of superior outdoor lighting with excellent energy savings.

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