Exit Signs and Egress Lighting

Commercial building codes require building operators to clearly display lighted Exit signs and provide entry and exit (egress) lighting for building patrons coming and going in the dark. And, of course, these lights and signs must be connected to batteries and backup power systems so they operate even when there is a power outage. That much is a given.

Allstar Electrical Services Commercial Division has years of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing commercial property Exit signs and Egress lighting – for office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, and entire business complexes – and we know from all that background that there’s more to it than meeting the code. These lights and electrical systems can be found in a wide variety of décor choices – so you can meet the code with some style – and, of course, since they are electrified and on 24/7 adding in the very latest in energy-efficient lighting systems saves significant amounts of operating capital over time.

These new commercial lighting systems from Allstar Electrical Services also offer much longer operating life, meaning that they require much less maintenance over time, fewer bulb and fixture replacements, and much fewer “lights out” experiences that always seem to come at the wrong moments. All of this saves the commercial property manager/owner time, expense and exposure to liability.

Let the professionals at Allstar Electrical Services evaluate your commercial property Exit signs and egress lighting for code compliance, attractiveness and energy efficiency and we’ll show you the options to save money beautifully.

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