Ceiling Fan Installation

The ceiling fan is a wonderful household appliance that does wonders for the home’s environment every month of the year. The ceiling fans blades, generally reversible to accommodate downdrafts or updrafts, keep the air moving and fresh in every room in the house, and they are great aides in helping to evenly distribute warm air from the furnace in the winter and cool air in the summer from a swamp cooler or A/C. And today many people want them installed on porches and patios to boost the pleasures of outdoor dining and relaxing.

Here at Allstar Electrical Services know that ceiling fans are very popular amenities and we even recommend them. However, generally we discover our customers purchased one when they call us in to finish the installation. These are tricky devices to get right because they have so much going on with the electricity – lights, spinning both ways, dimmer switches – and because they wobble if they aren’t balanced properly. An improperly installed ceiling fan can be a real nuisance, making all kinds of unwanted noises, but they can also be significant potential hazards for over-heating, overloading the circuit, and even fire if they aren’t installed just right.

Call Allstar Electrical Services before attempting the installation. We have the expertise and experience to wire them properly, fix the light switches if necessary, anchor the ceiling fan correctly – and have you enjoying the wonders of a ceiling fan safely for years to come.

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