Upgrade Your Bathroom Electrical for Extra Pleasure and Comfort

Bathroom upgrades are one of the most popular reno/remodel projects, and suppliers are ready to cater to your every whim. The whirlpool tubs of the 70s have given way to a new level of luxury unimaginable in the days of 8-tracks and pet rocks.

The 21st Century Bathroom

Today’s bathrooms resemble resorts more than powder rooms. They can have heated floors and towel warmers. Music, Wi-Fi, and TV. Hydro- and chroma therapy. Foot massagers and facial saunas. Or full saunas and steam rooms. Even a smart toilet for a soothing, hands-free experience. It can all be yours if you have enough space and money. And electricity.

The days are gone when all a bathroom needed were a couple of lights and a place to plug in a hair dryer. But too often, that’s all the room is wired for.

More Features, More Power, More Wiring

Nearly all these luxuries add load to your home wiring—sometimes considerably. And even some recent construction didn’t anticipate the power a full-featured bathroom would need. Older homes may not even have adequate shock protection. That’s why any bathroom remodel or addition needs the services of a licensed electrical professional.

Pros Take the Worry Out of the Washroom

Bathroom remodeling is no job for amateurs. A poorly designed bathroom is a dangerous place. Besides slip and trip hazards, there’s electricity that can cause injury—or worse. A licensed electrician will make sure that your bathroom electrical is safe and up to the demands you’ll be placing on it. And the time to get an electrician involved is at the beginning.

A licensed electrician will analyze the power needs of your new bathroom and add service if and where it’s needed. They’ll make sure everything is safe and up to code. And they can answer any questions you may have about your electrical needs.

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