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With the rising costs of electricity, I’m not sure I can afford to light my home as I have in the past. Is there an alternative to the traditional light bulb that will cut the cost of living in light?

In the United States alone, light bulbs make up one quarter of all electricity used but they waste nearly half of their energy. All that’s changed with the introduction of the new light-emitting diodes. According to the Department of Energy, this scientific breakthrough is able to reduce energy consumption by 29% by 2025 for a total savings of $125 billion.

According to Gary Stone, founder of Allstar Electrical Services, traditional light bulbs use 95% of their energy to generate heat and only 5% for light, while LEDs use nearly 100% of their power to directly create light, consuming much less energy and saving you money.

I am sick of the light bulbs in my home burning out after what seems like a few months. I have heard LED bulbs last longer. But I’ve also heard they are more expensive. When will there be a long lasting, economical light bulb?

The typical incandescent light bulb lasts about 850 hours and a long-life bulb can last up to 2,500 hours. Still these lengths don’t hold a candle to the new LED technology, according to Gary Stone, founder of Allstar Electrical Services serving all of metro Denver and Colorado Springs plus the Front Range. While LEDs vary in life, they can last up to 50,000 hours or nearly six years of constant use. The downfall to LED lighting, like all products that are relatively new to the market, is that they can cost up to $20 per bulb. It is important to weigh the savings in the cost of energy as well as the lifespan of LED bulbs.

If all of these numbers put you brain into a tailspin, call Stone at Allstar Electrical Services, Inc. for a review of your home’s electrical needs. Allstar Electrical Services has instituted a Premier Customer Service Agreement for customers that ensures same-day response in the event of an emergency. Loyal and long-term customers plus new customers to Allstar Electrical Service are signing up for this opportunity. For just $95 a year, you can be ensured that in the event of a lighting emergency, Stone and his team of licensed and bonded electrical contractors and electricians responds to your needs same day, before other calls. With this Service Agreement, you can rest assured that your needs will be prioritized and your service restored, repairs made, and any electrical faults repaired prior to day’s end.

Call Allstar Electrical Service today and learn more about the Premier Customer Service Agreement.  It’s a good time too to arrange for an Allstar electrician to review your home or business electrical needs.  Allstar can be reached at 303-399-7420 in Denver and 719-314-9419 in Colorado Springs.

With all of the technological advances made to conserve energy, is there a way I can help save the environment and cut my energy costs?

The new LED trend is just one part of the massive effort to conserve energy and our Planet Earth. While it seems small, The Alliance to Save Energy found that since 1973 energy efficiency technologies and conservation efforts have aided to a 40% cut in the level of energy consumed in the United States.

If the amount of energy used in the United States is not curtailed, we will be facing much higher prices if not a complete depletion of fossil fuels. While changing a light bulb seems miniscule, it’s a step to help the environment as well as cut your energy costs.  Contact Gary Stone at Allstar Electrical Service to schedule a review of your home or business today to learn what other savings you can implement into your electrical use.

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