They’re Coming for Your Grill. We Can Help

If you live in an apartment, condo, or other multifamily dwelling, chances are your HOA already prohibits wood-burning and charcoal grills on balconies and patios. Denver and other municipalities extend that ban to propane-fired grills that use tanks larger than the tiny 16-ounce camper grill bottles.

Now, HOAs in foothill and mountain communities are banning all open-flame devices, including grills and fire pits, from patios, porches, and balconies, even at single-family homes.

The bans are in response to insurance company demands that cite skyrocketing losses due to residential fires and an attempt to rates down. And as these bans are implemented, who’s to say other HOAs and municipalities won’t follow suit?

So what’s a backyard BBQ master to do? The answer is “electrify.”

Electric Grills Come of Age

We know, there’s nothing like the ritual of lighting a charcoal fire and stoking it to the perfect level to sear and finish a praiseworthy steak or burger. Not to mention the distinctive aroma a wood or charcoal fire gives to the food cooked on it. Even gas grill aficionados wax poetic about the special treats that emerge from their mastery.

But face it, heat’s heat and that’s what gets the job done. And while electric grills don’t impart their own distinctive flavors, there are ways to get the aromas you treasure, including fats and juices dripping on super-hot elements just like they do on charcoal and gas grills. If you don’t believe us, listen to what Food and Wine Magazine, one of the top culinary resources, has to say. Char-Broil, a preeminent grill maker weighs in on the subject, too. Weber, the OG of outdoor grilling also has a line of electric grills, including one that’s top-rated by Food and Wine.

Are You Ready? Is Your House?

Whether you’re testing the waters (so to speak) with an inexpensive model or going all-in with a full-size model, you need to be sure your electrical system can handle the load. Most electric grills, even the smaller ones, pull up to 15 amps to deliver the 600+ degree heat it takes to do a good grilling job. That’s the limit of most home “convenience” circuits that are designed to power things like lamps and TVs. And since outdoor outlets are typically branched off an indoor circuit, chances are that using an outdoor grill will trip the circuit’s breaker.

The solution: a dedicated 20-amp line to your grilling area. Besides keeping your grill up and running, it offers a little extra oomph in case you need to run another low-amp appliance on the same circuit. You can have a licensed electrician run the circuit individually or make it part of a new outdoor kitchen and entertaining space with all the bells and whistles.

Need Help? Call a Pro

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