Summertime is prime-time for kitchen remodeling

DENVER, CO — A kitchen remodel is right at the top of the list for home-improvement bang-for-your-buck, and the best time to do it is in the summer when the busiest room in your house  gets the least use. When heat-generating appliances like stoves and ovens are bypassed in favor of outdoor cooking and lighter, uncooked fare such as salads and deli goods, having your kitchen out of commission for a few days isn’t nearly the inconvenience it would be during colder days and nights. And what would be nicer than having an updated kitchen heading into the start of school and the fall holiday season?

Once the decision to remodel is made, one of the first steps should be to take a look at the overall electrical capacity of the home. If the house is more than 20 years old and hasn’t had an electrical update in recent years, the main electrical service may not be what is needed to support all of the new electronics of modern life – not just for the kitchen, but for the whole house. Here at Allstar Electrical Services we often get calls to add outlets or redo the computer or entertainment center only to discover that the 100-amp electrical service isn’t up to snuff. We can easily upgrade that to the modern standard of 200 amp service and ensure that the home can handle whatever power needs the homeowner requests.

Then we get to the electrical needs for that new kitchen. Older kitchens typically have a few (sometimes a very few) convenience outlets scattered along the countertops, a refrigerator plug-in, and maybe a single (and often ugly) overhead light. There may be a 220/240-volt outlet for a range or oven, but if you’re putting in a new gas stove or cooktop, is there service for the electronic ignition and accessories? You may find that all that’s behind the range is a gas pipe. And don’t overlook the dishwasher. Codes have changed and it’s possible that your current hookup not only doesn’t conform, but is a fire hazard.

Built-in coffee centers, wine coolers, high-performance commercial-quality range hoods, flat-screen televisions, digital music, and computer connections are just a few of the many additions being made to today’s kitchens. There are even Internet-savvy appliances with an LCD display and built-in apps. An Internet connection for the fridge? It’s not futuristic; it’s here now!

Kitchen lighting is another of areas that have seen the biggest changes in recent years. Not only are modern designs more esthetically pleasing, but they’re safer and often more energy-efficient, too. Multiple recessed ceiling lights, pendants, and under-cabinet lighting on separate, dimmable controls can change the look of your kitchen from Mom’s Diner to a sophisticated, welcoming place you’ll actually enjoy spending time in.

As you can see, the modern kitchen has electrical needs that weren’t even imagined a generation ago. So make expert, knowledgeable electrical planning part of your remodeling plans. The pros at Allstar Electrical Services can make sure your new kitchen is safe, functional, and looking toward the future. It’s easy to get started, too. Just drop an email to or give us a call at 303.399.7420.

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