Roof and Gutter De-Icing Basics

Icicles hanging from your roof may be a beautiful, nostalgic winter memory, but they can also be a sign of trouble to come. The freeze-thaw cycle is what gives us icicles, and they have their charm, but when that ice buildup creates ice dams on roofs and gutters, it can lead to serious damage.

De-Icing Systems Prevent Damage

Properly insulated attics can do a lot to prevent ice dams, but sometimes nature can overwhelm a passive system, especially here in Colorado where a heavy snowfall can be followed by a bright, sunny day and bone-chilling night. That’s when a de-icing system can prevent gutter damage and downspouts, roof leaks and hidden mold.

Roof and gutter de-icing kits are available at most home improvement and hardware stores and can be installed by a reasonably handy homeowner.

Ensure You Have GFCI-Protected Outdoor Outlets

De-icing kits for roofs and gutters require waterproof GFCI-protected outlets, and some may also require special switches as well. Your outdoor power should always come from a GFCI-protected outlet. Not only will the breaker trip if there’s an overload, but anytime there’s a problem with moisture or a leak in the current, the circuit will shut off before any lasting damage can occur.

If you’re not sure that your outdoor outlets are where you need them, or that the circuit will safely handle the load of a de-icing system (especially if you also have decorative outdoor seasonal lighting, too), it’s time to call the pros at Allstar Electrical Service. We can add or reconfigure outlets and circuits so there is enough power to handle all of your needs safely and place them in a convenient location where unsightly cords can be better hidden.

Get Peace of Mind for the Winter Season

In addition to specific electrical work, Allstar Electrical Services offers a Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit designed to give homeowners true piece of mind. It includes a visual inspection of your property’s electrical service box and circuit breaker panel. Then our licensed electricians check for any potential hazards such as undersized service, loose connections, moisture intrusion, worn out or outdated circuit breakers, illegal or out-of-code wiring, and any other issues that may affect the safety of your service or its ability to deliver adequate electrical power to your home.

The pros at Allstar Electrical Services wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and are ready to help you with any electrical needs or concerns during the holidays or any other time of year. We’ve been serving the Front Range for over 15 years and are top-rated by the BBB and Angie’s List. Call us today at (303) 399-7420 for more information.