Residential Safety Blanket Keeps You Secure on Cold Winter Nights

DENVER -- It’s never a good time for electrical problems, but they can be especially bothersome and dangerous in the winter. Allstar Electrical Services offers a couple of ways to guard your home this winter and throughout the months to come.

Our Residential Safety Blanket is a year-long program that starts with an on-premises assessment of your electrical service. Our expert representative will point out any immediate concerns and conditions that present potential for trouble in the future. You can schedule any needed repairs on-the-spot and sleep well knowing that you have a proactive way to head off problems before they start. The program’s $95 cost is more than just insurance. You’re guaranteed same-day service for any emergency repairs you may need in the year to come, and you avoid additional charges for after-hours service. You can sign up online, too.

For even greater peace-of-mind, consider a Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit. We especially encourage this service for homes older than fifteen years and any that have undergone additions or remodeling. It’s an easy and economical way to determine whether your home’s system is safe, reliable, and able to provide you with the power you need for your growing electrical loads.

The Audit is an exhaustive service call. Our licensed electricians perform detailed checks for potential hazards such as loose or worn connections, moisture, proper circuit breakers, code violations, overloaded service and any other conditions that may affect the safety and capacity of your electrical service. We check the service box (the circuit breaker), all receptacles and light switches and light fixtures. These audits cost $150 and include a complete assessment of all your needs with recommendations for any changes, repairs, or upgrades, as well as information on how you can prevent trouble before it occurs. You can even use our detailed report to build a wish list for future upgrades.

For complete details of the program and to schedule an audit, simply give us a call at (303) 399-7420. This service is available throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas.

So don’t wait for the lights to flicker, or the new electronics to trip breakers, or the furnace to stop running. Allstar’s preventive services can keep you and your family safe and secure on the long winter nights to come.