Rebates Save on Summer Electric Bills

Most utility companies in the US offer rebates on energy-saving upgrades and some of them can be substantial. For instance, Xcel Energy, the primary energy provider in Colorado and seven other Western and Midwestern states has programs that subsidize insulation, cooling equipment, and thermostat upgrades. Here’s what they offer.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have saved countless BTUs and kilowatts since their introduction over thirty years ago, but new Wi-Fi technologies have taken energy-saving and comfort to a new level. We’re already in a third generation and there’s more to come. The Nest line of thermostats led the way, but nearly all major manufacturers like Honeywell, GE, and Emerson have devices now along with innovative startups that are in the market, too.

With some thermostats, you don’t even have to program them. Just adjust the temperature to a comfortable level on the digital thermostat; it remembers the setting and when you set it. After a few days, it learns your heating and cooling patterns and takes it from there.

Xcel Energy offers up to $125 in rebates and credits on smart thermostats through its AC Rewards program. Similar savings are offered by other utilities.

A Note of Caution: Any device connected to your home Wi-Fi network is vulnerable to hacking and sharing personal data. Security issues were discovered in Nest systems in February and other “smart” devices may be sending data you’d rather not share. This article points out some of the dangers.

Energy-Efficient Cooling

Get up to $1200 in rebates for installing or upgrading energy-saving cooling systems including central air, evaporative coolers, heat pumps, and ductless heating and cooling systems. Click here for details about Xcel’s programs or consult your local utility for information on programs they may offer.

Add Insulation for Year-Round Savings

Xcel offers up to $1499 in rebates for upgrading insulation and air seals. It’s a one-time investment that cuts both heating and cooling bills and adds to year-round comfort. Details are here.

All of these energy-saving measures apply to offices and commercial spaces too (check for whether rebates apply), and many need the expertise of a licensed electrician for safe and convenient installations. If you need additional switches, outlets, or other electrical work to improve your energy efficiency, the pros at Allstar Electrical Services are ready to help. We deliver the quality results you expect and deserve to ensure your new project is done right, on budget and on schedule.

Whatever your electrical needs, call Allstar Electrical at 303.399.7420 or visit our website. Then use our handy on-line forms to request an estimate or set up an appointment. We’ve served the Front Range for over 15 years and are top-rated by the BBB and Angie’s List.

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