Professional remodeling experts Allstar Electrical saves lives

Death and injury are not imagined when it comes to in-home accidents each year. Estimates show that each year $1.6 billion in residential electrical fires take their toll each year. More than 500 deaths are attributed to residential electrical fires as well as 6,000 injuries annually. More than 140,000 home fires nationally are blamed on faulty electrical or other electrical failures.

The extent of injuries spreads to the workplace too with nearly 4,000 workplace injuries due to electrical hazards.

Many of these accidents and losses could be prevented if homeowners and business owners would use professional installers to make repairs or to check electrical services on a routine basis, says Gary Stone, President of Allstar Electrical Services in Denver, CO with services also in Colorado Springs, CO.

Outdate wiring, underground wires, outlets that may have been installed by a prior homeowner all can be blamed. But a professional, licensed electrician knows what dangers to look for when tackling a repair or remodeling project, explains Stone. Besides being equipped with voltage detectors, trained electricians know what problem areas to research prior to beginning any work on an electrical service call.

No matter how small the project you have planned for your home or business, trust it to a professional, licensed electrician. At Allstar Electrical Services, even apprentice electricians have the resource of a master electrician to answer any questions that may come up.

“Bottom line, knowing when to ask questions or thoroughly research power, service, outlets or fixtures before proceeding is the sign of a true professional,” cautions Stone.

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