New Access Control Systems Offer Convenience, Peace-of-Mind

DENVER, CO -- Fumbling for keys with an armload of shopping bags is no fun, and lost or stolen office keys can be a major security concern. That’s why many commercial property managers, apartment complex operators and even homeowners are turning to electronic access control systems.

Magnetic and infrared cards and key fobs can be designed so that doors and gates will open automatically when the “key” is simply waved near the lock sensor or when a button is pressed on a fob, much like the keyless entry systems on cars. Other types use a magnetic code on a card that is swiped through a reader like those used in hotels. Both can be combined with a keypad that offers a secondary means of access if the key card or fob is misplaced or stolen. And many systems allow for a single “key” to be de-activated, eliminating the need to change locks and re-issue new keys as is the case with lock-and-key devices in the event a “key” is lost or stolen, an employee is terminated, or an apartment is vacated.

Access systems can even be designed to tie into alarm systems to de-activate alarms them when the proper card or fob is detected, or equipped with a panic button to call for help in an emergency.

Allstar Electrical has installed hundreds of these systems throughout Colorado, and our staff includes experts who can advise you on the system that will best suit your needs. If you want an extra layer of security, we can combine closed-circuit television with access and alarm systems, as well.

With security of property and people becoming greater concerns, modern, sophisticated access control systems are a great way to offer both convenience and peace-of-mind. They add value to a property, too, so whether you’re a homeowner, a builder, or a property manager, call Allstar Electrical at 303.399.7420 and let our experts show you how the latest electronic access systems will suit your needs.


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