Need the Power Off? Use an Electric Circuit Breaker Finder!

Ever find yourself doing a little solo DIY electrical work and need to turn off a circuit? Then you go to your electrical panel and the breakers are mislabeled, illegible or unmarked. The MacGyver way is to plug in a radio and start flipping switches or yanking fuses until the radio goes off—preferably before your kids yell at you for killing their PlayStation midgame. Then, when you’re finished, you get to reset all the digital clocks and timers throughout your house, presuming you didn’t fry anything with a power surge.

Well, along with nearly everything else these days, there’s a new, better way to locate the right breaker or fuse. It’s called a digital circuit breaker finder. Pros have been using them for years, and for about the cost of a couple’s night at the movies, you can have one, too.

Cost and Features

There are several digital electric circuit breaker finders on the market that range in price from under $40 to several hundred, depending mostly on features. Basic circuit breaker finders are two-part tools—one part is a transmitter that plugs into an outlet on the circuit in question, and the other detects the transmitter signal at the service panel breaker or fuse. Even the basic models vary in design and ease of use, though, so it’s worth shopping around. 

Extra features can include live wire detectors, electric meters, and circuit tracers that can come in handy on remodeling and demolition projects. Durability is also a factor in pricing, with professional models running more than light-duty homeowner versions. But even the cheaper ones get the job done, so search the internet for sources and ratings. Chances are you’ll find one at your local home improvement center or hardware store, so don’t hesitate to ask the clerk for circuit breaker finder recommendations, too.

When to Call the Pros

Working on wiring, switches, and outlets safely requires at least a basic knowledge of electrical circuitry, so don’t risk injury or shock and fire hazards by getting in over your head. If you have any doubts about the project, the pros at Allstar Electrical Services are ready to handle it for you.

Don’t risk your home and family with unsafe wiring. Allstar Electrical has served the Front Range for over 15 years and is top-rated by the BBB and Angie’s List. We offer homeowners, builders and businesses reliable, professional electrical workthat is safe and up to code.

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