National Drive Electric Week 2021 Kicks Off September 25

2021’s National Drive Electric Week runs from September 25 to October 3. It’s a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

Driving is Becoming Electric

Two million drivers in the US have made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and that number is growing steadily. There are over 40 EV models currently on the market, from compact urban commuter models to crossovers, SUVs, and high-performance sports cars. Heavy-duty trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning are releasing for the 2022 model year. And commercial vehicles from delivery vans to box trucks are already on the road.


It’s Not Your Grandpa’s EV

Electric-powered vehicles have been around for over 100 years, but they fell out of favor quickly when internal combustion engines were developed and cheap fossil fuel to power them was abundant.

But we’ve come to realize that burning gasoline and diesel fuel comes with a cost. By the 1970’s, cities like Los Angeles (and even Denver) were choked with air pollution. Major strides have been made in reducing vehicle emissions since then, but exhaust fumes continue to reduce air quality in cities across the US and around the world.

Fortunately, advances in electric vehicle technology have also been made. Today’s EVs and hybrids feature state-of-the-art technology like lane tracking, automatic emergency braking, and over-the-air updates as new tech becomes available. Electric vehicles have instant torque that allows you to quickly speed up and merge into freeway traffic easier and more safely.

They’re less expensive to operate than gas-powered vehicles, too. Maintenance costs are lower and on average, comparing fuel costs to gas vehicles, EVs run at the equivalent of $1.24/gallon gasoline.

Plus, even considering the carbon emissions from manufacturing and electric power generation, they’re better for the environment.


Power Up at Home

Most EVs and hybrids can be charged with a 120/240-volt outlet right in your home’s garage. A typical overnight charge will power your EV for 300 miles or more, plenty for a typical week’s worth of commuting and running errands.

New homes in many locales are required by law to have conduit installed to support at-home EV charging. A licensed electrician can then be hired to run the wiring, install the charging point, and add any new service that may be needed. Older homes can also be wired for EV charging by a qualified licensed electrical contractor.

For more information about how to install an EV charging station at your home, read this article on the Allstar Electrical Services website.


Power Up on the Road

As more individuals and businesses switch to Electric Vehicles, the need for rapid-charging stations conveniently located in cities and along highways is growing. Businesses are also seeing the benefits of having charging stations onsite.

Rapid- and heavy-duty (Level 3) charging stations require specialized equipment drawing 480 volts or more. Some of these stations can charge a passenger vehicle or light-duty truck in little more time than it takes to fill up at a gas station.


Note: Some vehicles cannot charge at Level 3 stations. Knowing your vehicle’s specifications is very important.

There are several resources like PlugShare for locating commercial charging stations on the internet. For more information about commercial charging stations, see this article on the Allstar Electrical Services website.


Learn More About National Drive Electric Week and Local Events

National Drive Electric Week includes both in-person and online events, including in-person events in Denver, Boulder, Golden, Colorado Springs, and Durango in Colorado as well as dozens at other locations across the US and Canada. You can get specifics and learn more about National Drive Electric Week at driveelectricweek.org, and follow @DriveElecEvents on Facebook and Twitter


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