LED—The new speed of light is here to stay

Allstar Electrical is the leading resource for LED lighting in the Rocky Mountain West

DENVER, CO—First there was fire, then Edison, now Light Emitting Diodes (LED). LED technology is still in its debutant phase. Consumers remain unconvinced that LED lighting will soon be mandatory. Recent statistics show that nearly 78 percent of Americans do not realize incandescent light bulbs will be phased out entirely by 2012. The end of incandescent production is aligned precisely with the end of the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012. Whether or not you believe, as the Mayans do, that the world as we know it ends on this date, lighting as we once used it will end.

“LED lighting is here to stay,” confirms Gary Stone, founder and owner of Allstar Electrical Contractors in Denver, Colorado serving the Front Range and Colorado Springs. As industrial, commercial and residential electrical experts, Allstar is seeing a growing demand for LED lighting, if not just an interest in getting more information on the product.

Since LED lights are still in a nascent market stage, skim pricing (meaning the price is high right now in order to yield a high profit margin to recoup development costs) are evident. Early adaptors buying LED bulbs typically confirm the future success in a test market. Once market share reaches 5%, a certain level of success is established, launching the product to achieve even greater market share. Albeit LED lighting differs from other innovations though because incandescent will go dinosaur within two years and consumers will be forced to convert to this new energy-efficient solution.

LED will not only change the way we think about lighting, but how we consume or hoard it. Imagine a future in which rent deposits are increased to cover the cost of LED light bulbs walking away when tenants move out? LED bulbs are pricy compared to incandescent. Whereas you can buy an incandescent floodlight in the grocery store for $6; an LED floodlight can be $50. The initial cost of LED bulbs can be daunting; but the energy costs saved over the long haul plus the longevity of the bulb—lasting an average of 7 years—is where you reap the reward.

Aside from using LED lighting, new home builders typically employ the most energy-efficient light design strategies in new construction. Well-placed sockets take advantage of the light’s full illuminating power and disperse light appropriately throughout the room in an effort to avoid waste caused by an over-lit area. Lighting design has become as specific as any other interior aesthetic element, chosen for its specific appeal and suitability to a homeowner’s design style.

Allstar Electrical Service can help you devise a plan to save on your lighting bill by making simple household revisions. If you need a light design strategy or rewiring, Allstar has master electricians—licensed, bonded and insured—to handle your preplanned work and even emergencies. Call 303-399-7420 for information.