LED and Induction Lighting to Cut Summer Costs

With the heat of summer soon approaching, cranking your air conditioner will have you searching for ways to save. Whether backyard parties create the need for new decorative lighting for walls and walkways, or you’re simply looking for a full kitchen remodel, going green is the pervading method of alternative energy that can result in major savings.

Go Green with LED

75% Less Energy

Forget the filament light, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs, which can drive up the energy bill and need constant attention. State-of-the-art LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems add beauty and curb appeal to any home or business and use roughly 75% less energy than other bulbs.

Longer-Lasting and Flexible Focusing

The LED bulbs last years longer than any standard light bulb and can be focused on a single point, such as a garden display, or spread across an entire room or yard. These lights are perfect for marking the pathways to houses and brightening up a home while, more importantly, keeping unwelcome intruders away with a well-lit property.

Subtle Atmosphere for Indoor Spaces

The non-intrusive LED bulbs gracefully accentuate a kitchen and living room without the glaring brightness created by fluorescent blubs. Replacing outdated lighting with LED blubs creates a new atmosphere in older kitchens. Under-cabinet lighting reveals counter workspace and makes it easier to work more efficiently.

Induction Lighting for Elegant Ambience and Security

Cost-Efficient and Energy-Saving

Induction lighting, powered by the transmission of energy via a magnetic field, is rated for as much as 12 years on continuous use with limited lumen (light output) degradation over time. The ‘instant-on’ lights have a wattage output of up to 400 watts, are environmentally friendly, and use less energy and mercury per hour than conventional lighting; a considerable cost savings between 35% and 55% in energy and maintenance compared to other types of commercial and industrial lamps which they replace. If the lamp is broken, the mercury can be found in a solid form and easily recovered.

Ideal for Floodlighting and Outdoor Get-Togethers

Induction light is ideal to use for floodlighting around flowerbeds, trees, and displays to add a discrete and elegant ambience to your residence while providing illuminated security. Lights on the garage, porch, or basketball courts encourage a welcoming atmosphere for those late night get-togethers.

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