Is Your Smart Home Vulnerable to Brain Damage?

Surge protectors aren’t just for computers anymore

You’ve probably had your computer hooked to a surge-protected power strip for years. Maybe even some of your other electronics. But how about your refrigerator?

Today’s so-called smart homes are loaded with sensitive electronics that can be ruined by a lightning bolt or voltage surge. Even if your home’s not all that smart, there are still plenty of items like big-screen TVs and other microchipped devices that can be wrecked by a power surge.

A Whole-Home Solution to Power Surges

Nobody wants to fit dozens of outlets with surge protector strips—although a few can be big energy savers—so electrical engineers have come up with a solution: whole home surge protection systems.

Unlike some lower-quality plug-in strips that can be knocked out by a single large surge, whole home surge protectors are designed to handle large surges multiple times. Not only do whole-home surge protectors guard vulnerable computers and accessories, they protect the increasing number of appliances, entertainment centers, gaming devices, HVAC units and security systems that rely on sensitive controllers to function. Even LED lighting can be affected. And one lightning strike or power surge can knock them out, sometimes for good. It’s not only annoying and expensive, but it can be potentially disastrous if you rely on them for protection and life-saving medical equipment.

Colorado Homes Can be Especially Vulnerable

Colorado has the second-highest number of lighting strikes in the US, only surpassed by Florida. And high winds, heavy snow, and iced-over power lines make outages almost routine across the state. Many residents rely on backup power sources for emergencies, but backup power only works on devices that haven’t been toasted by voltage spikes.

Don’t presume that major surges are only caused by lightning and downed power lines, either. Transformers can blow, affecting only a few homes, power can be knocked out by construction and traffic accidents, and heavy motors like air conditioners and shop equipment can create surges right in your own home.

Talk to a Pro About the Best Solution for Your Home

There are many whole-home surge protection devices on the market today. Most are inexpensive, in the $200-500 range. But they attach to the home’s main service panel and should only be installed by a licensed electrician who is able to run branch circuits that conform to electrical and building codes.

If you experience frequent or prolonged power outages, you may even want to consider adding a backup power supply along with whole-home surge protection. A licensed electrician is your best resource to help determine the best solution for your individual needs.

Devices also vary in their functions and capabilities, so it’s best to consult with an expert.

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