Is Your Electric Fence Affected by Dry Winter Weather?

Colorado winters can be extremely dry. Snowfall can be unpredictable and can melt away and evaporate quickly in our intense high-altitude sunlight. The dry weather has an especially large impact on farmers and ranchers, not only on crops and livestock, but farm equipment, as well.

An important part of that equipment for many ranchers and farmers is their electrical fencing, and extended dry weather can cause it to lose its effectiveness in keeping livestock where they need to be. This can be a concern to users of electrical fencing in urban locations, too. 

Poor Grounding from Dry, Cold Soil

An electric fence works by completing an electrical circuit whenever an animal (or person) touches it. The electricity passes through the animal into the soil and back to ground rods to create a complete circuit and give a shock. Dry soil can cause electric fence systems to lose effectiveness due to poor grounding. Its charger/energizer won’t work at full capacity unless it’s grounded properly, and soil that’s dried out doesn’t ground as well as when it’s moist. Cold soil is also a worse conductor than warm, adding to grounding concerns in the winter. 

Proper Spacing and Maintenance for Ground Rods

Properly spaced and maintained ground rods are essential to maintaining enough voltage on fences to act as an effective deterrent, especially under adverse soil conditions. Generally, that means having at least 3 feet of ground rod per joule of the energizer’s output capacity. If rocky or loose soils make it hard to effectively ground a standard fence system, a two-wire system that includes a ground wire spaced away from the hot wire can deliver a shock on contact without the need for grounding rods along its perimeter. 

Ongoing Maintenance Practices for Electrical Fencing

Ongoing maintenance is important to keeping any electrical fence in proper operating condition. Aside from dry weather concerns, damage from lightning, high winds, broken or rotted posts, and intrusion can occur. Electrical components and insulators need to be checked for proper operation, as well. Proper current must be maintained in order for the system to be effective and to guard against overcharging the fence, something that can cause severe injury or even death to both animals and people.

Facility Maintenance Services for Above and Below-Ground Fencing

If your electrical fencing needs service or upgrading, Allstar Electrical Services offers facility maintenance services for both above- and below-ground fencing and other electrical systems.

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