Is It Time To Upgrade Your Electric Meter?

Electric power companies measure how much electricity and gas you use by taking a monthly reading of the meter on your building or home. You are charged for what you use. For about 100 years, the measure was taken with an electromechanical meter like the Thompson meter—the ones with the spinning wheel and five clock-like dials—and it had to be read visually.

Modern Electric “Smart Meters”

Beginning in the 1980s, utilities began converting to digital meters that transmitted a signal by radio frequency, allowing readings to be taken remotely. This was not only more efficient, but also more accurate since the mechanical meters could malfunction or be misread. Today most utilities have converted existing services to digital meters and these same utilities use digital meters exclusively for new installations.

The latest technology, “smart meters,” uses radio or broadband connections for two-way communication, enabling a number of advanced functions like managing the distribution system and offering users more options for managing their own electricity use.

When to Install a Digital Meter

So what does this mean to me, you ask?

First, if your home or building still operates on a mechanical meter, you will probably need to change it if you are upgrading your service panel during a remodel. Older homes typically feature less service than newer homes do today. We are more plugged in than we’ve ever been before. Adding service to a location requires adding a higher grade meter to accommodate the increased level of service.

Second, if you have a solar installation that can feed power back to the grid, a digital meter is more accurate in measuring the backflow credits.

Third, a digital meter is not only more accurate, it provides valuable information for managing your energy use, giving you more ways to save on energy costs.

Professional, Convenient Home & Commercial Upgrades

Electric usage meter technology is changing, and an upgraded meter will ensure both convenience and accuracy. Allstar Electrical Services has installed hundreds of electric meters in both homes and commercial properties, and we do the job efficiently and quickly, taking care of all the necessary connections and notifications with the local utility company.

If a new electric meter is in your plans, or if you just want to know if it’s something you should consider, visit our website for information about installing new electric meters. Then give us a call at (303) 399-7420 or use our handy online forms to request an estimate or set up an appointment. Simply go to our Residential Services page or drop an email to us at estimating@allstarelectrical.com for complete details.

Installation Estimate and Electrical Evaluation Audit

Allstar Electrical Services has been serving homes and businesses along Colorado’s Front Range for more than 15 years.  We’re happy to offer a free estimate for installing a new meter. We can also do a Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit to identify sources of present and potential issues in your home’s electrical service.

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