Is It Time for Your Business to Go Wireless?

It used to be that your business needed a phone, a fax, and a credit card machine to operate. Then you added a computer and a printer…workstations…and a network. All these things helped your business grow using Cat 5, cable and coaxes. But now the wires connecting essential equipment are knotted up under your desk. If you want to add or change anything, it’s like hacking your way through the Amazon. 

Put an end to nests of wires. Wireless is here and Allstar Electrical is your wireless expert.

Wireless data traffic will have increased 700-fold in the decade ending in 2017, with smartphones and tablets leading the way. These data-hungry devices suck up bandwidth at a rate that even giants like AT&T and Sprint are having trouble keeping up with. As demand for greater capacity increases smart business people are jumping on the wireless bandwagon. The benefits of wireless technology are huge. Installation costs are eliminated since there are no wires and cables to run. No need to hire carpenters to hack up and patch walls either. When a network needs to be reconfigured or a new one added, wireless systems can be transitioned quickly and easily.

Companies that have switched to wireless data share data more easily than those still operating on a wired format. They claim productivity is increased due to easier access to data by more employees. That results in morale perking up.

Allstar Electrical will help you make the change to wireless. Experienced in building wireless systems for all types of business and residential applications, Allstar’s electricians can make the switch from wired to wireless in less time and with less disruption. Our wireless specialists are qualified through Crown Castle International Corporation (CCI), a company that owns and manages over 30,000 tower sites throughout North America that reach 74% of the US population. We can guide you through the maze of networking routers, switches, modems, and adapters whether you want to connect to an existing Ethernet or start from scratch.

Visit our website today to learn how Allstar Electrical can help you step into the future with wireless networking. Go to our Wireless Services page or drop an email to us at gstone@allstarelectrical.com for complete details.

These services aren’t limited to commercial accounts, either. Homeowners can enjoy the same prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service that the businesses we serve rely on. It’s as easy as going to www.allstarelectrical.com or dialing (303) 399-7420 anywhere in the metro Denver-Boulder area.

The world is going wireless and it’s time for you to get unplugged.