Is a Home Office Right for You?

According to a recent article in the Denver Post, as many as one in five employers expect that 40% or more of their staff will be working remotely by next spring. That represents a major shift in corporate attitudes in the pre-COVID era. Additionally, many people, especially those who’ve lost their principal source of income due to the pandemic, are starting new businesses from home.

Choices to Make
If you’re presented with the option of working from home—or forced into it—there are some important things to consider.
While some people love working from home, as many as 50% of workers surveyed say their mental health has deteriorated since they started working at home. Part of that is due to increased workload as companies furlough or lay off workers, but other factors come into play as well. One of those is separation between work and personal space.
Many people see their home as a sanctuary, a place to escape from work and enjoy family, friends, and other diversions. When those lines are blurred, those people find it hard to cope.  While some people thrive in busy environments with lots of distractions, others fine it impossible to focus surrounded by family activities or reminders of other things to do.
Do you have the self-discipline to separate work from other activities that may be lurking to tempt you? We know of some people who go so far as to dress for work, leave the house, and come back to their office space to make the mental transition to work.

Separating Work from Life
You may be the sort who can be productive working amid the daily bustle of an active home. But if you’re not, finding a place to work quietly is essential to working effectively from home.
Look around. Is there a space that’s away from distractions that can be converted to a home office? A spare bedroom is an option, but if it’s used as a guest room you may find yourself evicted when company comes. A basement corner could be a solution, but only if it’s outfitted with the lighting, phone, and electrical service you’ll need.
Don’t overlook your garage. One couple we know took the space at the end of a deep garage and converted it to an office. Not only is it a dedicated workspace, it’s separate from the living area, making it even easier to mentally disconnect the two. Similarly, the same article mentioned above notes one pre-fab shed maker has seen a five-fold increase in orders during the pandemic with 95% of buyers planning to use them as detached offices or studios.

Powering the New Normal
Whether you’re working from home, schooling your kids online, or simply taking care of the demands of our new, connected world, you’ll likely find greater demands placed on your home’s electrical system.
The outlets in a bedroom, basement, or garage may not be adequate for the demands of an office or classroom. Is the room lighting right for its new size or uses? Outlets in some areas like garages, basements, and outbuildings may need GFCI protection. Running power to outbuildings requires permits for the electrical work. The same is true with new internal wiring.
You may find your power supply is strained with added load. Older homes were built with 100-150-amp service that may not be enough for today’s high-powered world so a service upgrade may be needed.
Should you consider backup power in case you’re stuck at home during a prolonged outage?

A Licensed Electrical Contractor Has the Answers
Poorly designed or improperly installed wiring is not only inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. A licensed electrical contractor works with you and your builder to ensure that your needs are met in the most efficient and safest way possible.
Remodeling, renovations, and additions need top-notch electrical work, and Allstar Electrical Services delivers the quality results you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with you and your contractors to ensure your project is done right, on budget and on schedule.
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