How to Maintain Your Backup Emergency Generator

Backup generators are great insurance to keep the power on when the grid goes down. They add protection against food loss, keep sump pumps running, plumbing safe, security systems active, appliances on, and can even save lives. That’s why it’s important to be sure your generator is in top working condition at all times.

Tips to Take Care of Your Generator

Here are some tips to make sure your backup power is there when you need it:

  • Keep your generator’s vent and louvers clean and free from debris and obstructions
  • Check the generator’s oil level and viscosity are up to specs and keep an extra quart of oil handy to top it off during extended power outages
  • Check your generator’s starting battery and replace it every 2-3 years for maximum reliability
  • Check your generator’s indicator light frequently. Call for service immediately if it’s out or any color other than green
  • In harsh winter climates like Colorado’s, consider a cold weather kit for your generator for an extra measure of reliability
  • Consider a remote monitoring system for the times you’re away and arrange with a reliable electrical contractor to respond to any issues when you’re absent

Avoid Power Loss Inconveniences with a Standby Generator

While long-term outages are rare, even short-term power loss can be a major inconvenience with lifestyle disruption, food spoilage, even the need to relocate for a day or two. A standby generator keeps your lights, heat, sump pumps, air conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, and all your entertainment systems up and running so you won’t miss a beat.

Standby generators come in various sizes and power capacities and can be wired to handle just the essentials or as a whole-home power source that will keep everything running as if the power never went out. A standby generator adds peace of mind knowing your home, its contents, and your family are comfortable and protected during power outages.

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