Home Theater Installation - Considerations and Costs

Watching movies with family and friends at home is a great way to enjoy a fun and relaxing evening. But worrying about spills and spending an hour or two in uncomfortable seating can take away some of the pleasure. That’s where a dedicated home theater can change the experience from ordinary to exceptional. Comfortable seating and safe places for food and drink add luxury, and dedicated video and sound make the experience even more memorable.

Putting a home theatre together doesn’t have to be that expensive, either. Costs can vary widely depending on the amount of construction and furnishing you need and the components you choose, but installing a basic theater system to serve up to a dozen viewers can often be done quite affordably. Here are some considerations:

Theater Components

You’ll want a television or projector, disc player and sound system to suit your tastes. You may also want a cable or satellite connection, high-speed internet access and a gaming system. Depending on your needs and tastes, costs for components can run from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Large screen flat-panel TVs are most popular, with a wide variety of sizes and display types to choose from. For extra-large viewing, front-projection systems are an option in large rooms that can be kept dark.

A surround sound system adds realism to your viewing and listening experience. Sound effects are enhanced, whether it’s a wall-rattling explosion or a subtle sound somewhere off-screen. When you listen to music, you feel like you’re onstage with the musicians. Just as with TVs, sound systems come in a variety of packages and can be tailored to your room’s acoustics and your budget.

Room Construction and Furnishings

All of your components need to be connected through wires, cables, or wireless networks. Proper room lighting and controls are part of the installation, too. The ideal time to run wires and cables is when the room is being built and the wall cavities are exposed, but professional electricians can install them in existing walls, as well. It’s important to determine the types of wiring you’ll need and their placement. An electrician can help you plan ahead for the system that will meet your needs.

The room can be furnished with sectional sofas, lounge chairs or specialized theater seating with built-in drink holders and snack trays. You might want to add extras like built-in storage, a refrigerator, a popcorn machine or even a second kitchen or serving area, depending on your space and budget.

As you can see, installing a home theater can range from a relatively simple project to one that’s quite elaborate. The pros at Allstar Electrical Services have helped design and build hundreds of audio-visual spaces for homeowners and businesses throughout Colorado’s Front Range.

We can configure your home entertainment center, office, or any other room so there is enough stable power to handle all of the devices, and in a convenient location where the unsightly cords can be hidden. We can route cables and phone lines wherever they might be needed. We can help you power and locate routers or signal boosters so that your wireless devices work flawlessly. We can even bring more power to your home if it wasn’t wired to handle modern loads. In the hands of our experts, a home built 100 years ago can be wired and cabled safely for all your current and future needs.

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