Extra Kitchen Outlets Add Holiday Convenience & Safety

The holiday season brings gatherings of family and friends and with pandemic restrictions easing this year could mean plenty of extra mouths to feed. Will your kitchen stand up to the added demand for prep work, cooking, and serving?

An Abundance of Appliances

It seems that there’s an appliance for every task these days. Besides the familiar hand and stand mixers, food processors, and slow cookers, we’ve added things like rice cookers, air fryers, stick blenders, juicers, electric woks, and panini presses.

Just finding counter space for all of them is enough of a challenge, but what about a place to plug them in? The last thing you want is overloaded circuits tripping breakers or extension cords tripping guests.

That’s where a call to a licensed electrician can save the day(s).

They’re Called Convenience Outlets for a Reason

The plugs and connections for large appliances like refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers are usually tucked away somewhere out of sight since you hardly ever need to unplug them. But when you’re bringing out all the countertop gadgets, you need places to hook them up conveniently. That’s what those outlets around the kitchen are for—convenience.

But it’s pretty inconvenient when you don’t have enough outlets or overload them to the point of tripping breakers, or worse, stringing extension cords to prevent it.

Modern Appliances Can Overload Older Kitchens

Homes older than a few years probably had one or two 15-amp circuits serving the kitchen with three or four 2-socket outlets scattered about that may even share their power to outlets in adjoining rooms. That was fine for a coffeemaker and an occasionally used toaster, waffle iron, or popcorn popper. But newer appliances with heavier draw for heating or strong motors can test the limits of older circuits.

Don’t Let Your Kitchen Ruin Your Holidays

Lack of outlets or capacity isn’t only inconvenient, it can be dangerous.

Awkward locations can lead to appliances being tipped over resulting in messy and hazardous spills. Trying to eke out a little more cooking space can tempt you to run extension cords or put an appliance in another room where it may not get the attention it needs. And tripping breakers isn’t the only problem with overloaded circuits. Many older homes have breaker panels that have proven to be unreliable with switches that overheat when they fail to trip properly, resulting in major damage, including house fires.

Peace of Mind is Just a Call Away

Allstar Electrical Services is ready to help ensure your holidays will be safe and enjoyable.

We offer the expert, licensed electrical work that any homeowner needs, from minor repairs and additions to remodeling and circuit panel upgrades that meet the demands of the modern home. Our Residential Electrical Evaluations pinpoint any existing issues and future concerns with your electrical service. Upgrading service, adding outlets, and improving overhead and undercabinet lighting are all ways our Kitchen Remodeling Services make your kitchen more convenient and safer for the holidays and years to come.

The pros at Allstar deliver the expertise and quality results you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with you or your contractors to ensure your work is done right, on budget and on schedule.

We’ve served Colorado’s Front Range for over 20 years, are top-rated by the Better Business Bureau, and are a recommended contractor by Angi’s Home Advisor®. So whatever your electrical needs may be, call Allstar Electrical Services at 303.399.7420 or visit our website to request an estimate or set up an appointment.