Exterior lights can effectively market your business better

When you opened the doors of your business, you likely had a telephone, stationary, business cards, a desk and computer. All of these are important aspects to marketing your enterprise. Answering the phone in a timely fashion is another pro-active business effort. Having a website is something many businesses find essential.

But what many businesses overlook is the importance of highlighting their location with artistic lighting—lighting that can advertise their business even when the office goes dark at 5 p.m.

Restaurants have long recognized that lighting can make or break their business. If dining guests can’t find their location easily, with lighted markers showing the way, chances are hungry guests will stop somewhere else for their meal out of frustration. Clear lighting and signage will help direct patrons to your location, says Gary Stone, President of Allstar Electrical Services in Denver, CO with service in Colorado Springs, CO as well.

New on the horizon is an interest in landscape-type lighting to highlight an address or business name on a wall or entryway. Some businesses have installed lighting at the call box or buzzer box to make it easier on guests coming or going before or after dark—a seasonal consideration.

Safety lighting, along walkways and in parking lots, is another important consideration to businesses today. Inner-city businesses are possibly more acutely aware of personal safety concerns simply because the demographics of the inner city translates to an increased crime rate. Protecting employees against chance encounters with assailants is the responsibility of both the employer and calls for caution on the employee’s part as well.

One of the most unique ways businesses are employing electrical lighting is to highlight their buildings with appropriate and yet distinctive lighting that makes a statement of pride and design sense.

Landscape lighting pointing upward at signage on a building wall can emphasis the business name, and passersby are sure to notice. Lighted doorbells and entryways isn’t only safety-minded, but makes access easier and more evident to first-time visitors to the building.

If your business can use improved lighting, and can better market itself through electrical innovation, call Allstar Electrical Service at (303) 399-7420 to make an appointment for an estimate.