Emergencies Won’t Wait – Get Same-Day Service from Allstar

DENVER, CO — Your customers won’t shop in the dark and you can’t send out bids from computers that don’t work. When the power goes on the fritz, you need a solution now, not sometime tomorrow afternoon.

That’s why Allstar Electrical Services provides same-day, on-time emergency service to both commercial and residential customers. “Service today when you need it,” is how Gary Stone, Allstar founder and owner, puts it.

Ten radio-dispatched service vans staffed with licensed, bonded and insured electricians are at the ready to offer prompt and reliable service throughout the Denver-Boulder metro area. And all of our vans carry a full inventory of parts so that once we’re on the job, repairs can be completed quickly. We can even provide emergency generators if the problem’s in your service supply.

And oh, yes – our phones are answered by real people, not machines; when we say “dispatch” we mean both to “send out” and to do so “promptly.”

That’s why building and facilities managers at offices, industrial plants, warehouses, retailers, and apartments and condos from Boulder to Castle Rock appreciate Allstar’s commitment to keeping the power flowing. Our ever-growing list of satisfied clients is evidence that we back up our claims with action.

Those clients have also learned from experience that our preventive services go a long way towards keeping emergencies to a minimum. We do a complete review of your current electrical system from where it comes into your building to the switches and outlets that put your power to use, identifying potential problems before they occur. Then we establish a backup plan so you don’t lose data, productivity or critical functions such as heat and refrigeration if they do. To learn more about our preventive services go to our Services page or drop an email to us at gstone@allstarelectrical.com for complete details.

These services aren’t limited to commercial accounts, either. Homeowners can enjoy the same prompt, courteous and reliable service that the businesses we serve have come to rely on.

So when the lights go off at your business or your home, call the pros at Allstar Electrical Services. It’s as easy as dialing (303) 399-7420 anywhere in the metro Denver-Boulder area.

When you’re off, we’re always on.