Electrical Upgrades for Your Attic Remodel

With Denver real estate prices skyrocketing, many homeowners are staying put and making the property they already occupy work for them. When that includes adding space, one of the best places to look is right over your head.

Many homes have quite a bit of usable space in their attics. Converting it into usable space is almost always less costly than adding to the home’s footprint. Foundations don’t need to be poured, and precious outdoor space isn’t sacrificed. But whether you grow up or out, living spaces must be built to code, and that includes installing the proper electrical wiring.

Wire to Code

Wiring an attic for livable space can be relatively inexpensive since the framing is usually exposed. Because the drywall isn’t yet installed, you won’t have to fish behind walls or through covered ceilings. But to be safe and conform to codes, the wiring has to meet the same standards as any other living space, including proper wire types, correct insulation, adequate grounding, and accurate spacing of outlets. Most locations require permits and inspections, and failure to do so is not only a safety concern, but could involve fines if you’re found out or cause a potential buyer to challenge the home’s price down the line when you want to sell.

Main Floor Remodeling

Your attic can also play an important role in main floor remodeling. Because it’s above the main floor, it’s the easiest place to work on ceiling fixtures and may be the best place to run additional wiring. There are specific regulations for routing wiring around and through structural members, ceiling joists and wall cavities. This type of modification requires permits and inspections to be legal.

Anticipate Issues and Fix Correctly

Anticipating electrical issues and solving them as a part of your remodeling process is not only a good policy, but can save money in the long run. It’s always easier (and cheaper) to do electrical work properly as part of your upgrade than having to repair it later after the walls have been closed up, taped and painted or even tiled over.

Professional Assessment

No matter what your remodeling project, the pros at Allstar Electrical Services are ready to help.
A thorough, professional assessment of your home’s electrical needs should be one of the first steps in your remodeling project. We will gladly inspect your wiring and electrical service and give you a thorough, professional assessment of your wiring needs before you start your project.

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