Electrical Upgrades for Home Remodeling Projects

Whether you’re rehabbing a fixer-upper or bringing an outdated kitchen into the 21st century, home remodeling is the best way to cope with the soaring cost of new housing in hot markets like Denver. Too often underlying issues in a home’s electrical outlay get overlooked in remodeling plans. Homeowners can find their service is inadequate and won’t meet the demands new appliances or fixtures place on outdated wiring. The result is not only inconvenient, but dangerous including shock and fire hazards.

Here are some things to consider when planning a remodeling project.

What Kind of Wiring is in the Home?

The older the home, the more likely the wiring is inadequate. And you may even discover potentially dangerous situations caused by haphazard additions that don’t measure up to today’s safety standards—and never did.

Houses built in the late 1800s or early 20th century may still have places where wiring with cloth or ceramic insulation remains. As recently as the 1940s, knob-and-tube wiring was common. Both of these wiring styles are susceptible to damage and lack adequate grounding. Aluminum wiring was commonly used in the 1960s and 70s and is considered a fire hazard by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is especially true when circuits are overloaded or outlets and fixtures with copper connections are improperly attached.

Do You Have Enough Service for Today’s Needs?

Until the 1960s, most homes were built with 60-amp service that’s inadequate for modern needs. Today’s houses have a minimum of 100-amp service, with many opting for 200-amps to allow for increasing needs of appliances and electronics.

Too little service can cause a number of problems including overloaded circuits, too few outlets with too many extension cords, and insufficient power to appliances causing motors to overwork and overheat resulting in premature wear and failure.

Is Your Wiring Safe and Up to Code?

Besides upgrading old, worn-out wiring and insufficient power service, modern building codes require a number of safety measures that weren’t in place in older construction. All outlets and fixtures must be grounded with 3-wire service, and outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoors must have ground fault interrupters (GFCI) to prevent shocks in damp areas. Proper grounding also helps protect delicate electronics from damage.

Anticipate and Plan

The time to deal with electrical issues is before something goes wrong. Anticipating electrical issues and making solving them part of your remodeling process is not only good policy, but can save money in the long run. It’s always easier (and usually cheaper) to do electrical work as part of your upgrade than having to deal with it later.

Professional Assessment

Make a thorough, professional assessment of your home’s electrical needs part of your remodeling project. Allstar Electrical has served the Front Range for 15 years and is top-rated by the BBB and Angie’s List. We offer homeowners reliable construction, remodeling and repair work that is safe and up to code.

Why risk annoying problems and costly emergencies? If you suspect your home may have electrical problems or have less service than you need, call Allstar Electrical. We will gladly inspect your wiring and electrical service and give you a thorough, professional assessment of its condition and address any concerns you should have.

Visit our website for complete details about our services as well as timely articles about the latest developments in the ever-changing world of electronics. Then give us a call at 303.399.7420 or use our handy on-line forms to request an estimate or set up an appointment.

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