Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

Electrical devices can be great conveniences as well as energy-savers during the winter months, but they can create dangerous, even life-threatening, situations if not properly used. Here are some tips on how to use them safely.

Space Heaters

Space heaters not only keep you comfortable, but they can be great energy-savers on cold winter days and nights. By turning down the thermostat and only heating a single room—an office or craft room, for instance—you can stay cozy and save money, too.

Modern portable electric heaters come with several features like tip-over switches, thermostats, and cool-touch surfaces, but they are among the highest causes for home fires.

• Keep heaters at least three feet away from drapes, furniture, bedspreads, or any combustible materials.
• Never use an extension cord with space heaters. Heaters draw a lot of current and can cause an extension cord to overheat, creating a serious fire hazard.
• Never run a heater cord under carpet or furniture. It can cause the cord to overheat and start a fire.
• Don’t use a space heater in wet or damp areas, and never touch the heater when your body is wet. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and even new heaters can have defects.
• Turn your heater off when you leave the room or while you’re sleeping. By the time you notice a problem, it could be too late.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can become hazards if not used properly. Never tuck them in, and read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings carefully. Be sure to turn them off when not in use.

Use Appliances Safely

Hair dryers, heat guns, and heat lamps are designed for specific purposes. Using them in other ways (thawing pipes, drying fabrics, etc.) can be very dangerous. Read and follow the instructions that came with the product carefully. Never use ovens or cooktops as heat sources. They can become damaged by improper use and become fire hazards.

Have Your Heating System Inspected Regularly

Your heating system should be inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year, preferably before the start of the heating season. Lubricate and clean all moving parts, check belts for wear, and make sure your thermostat is working properly. Filters should be replaced every month, more often depending on use and location.

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