Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween

Well, summer is over and it’s now officially fall!We know what that means - holiday decorating is just around the corner, and it starts with Halloween. When gearing up for this spooky night, keep the following safety tips in mind to make sure the electrical elements in and around your home are ideally maintained to minimize risk.

Check Decorations with Electrical Components

As you wrangle cardboard boxes and plastic containers full of plastic skeletons, lighted pumpkins, and assorted “Boo factor” decorations, make sure you check them for issues, especially those with electrical components. Examine each of the decorations as you un-box them for frayed wires, burnt out lightbulbs and batteries that need replacing.

Install More Outdoor Outlets and Check Electrical Cords for Wear and Tear

A good point to remember is that extension cords are only meant for temporary use. If you keep electrical decorations up during the holiday season, you should consider having additional outdoor outlets installed.

Electrical cords that have nicks, cuts or frayed wires are a potential recipe for fires and disaster. If you see normal wear or even scorched outlet receptacles on your extension cord, throw it out and replace it. Also, don’t overload or “stack” extension cords with others to achieve that ideal lighting theme.

Take Care When Installing Outdoor Decorations

We highly recommend using insulted staples when putting up indoor and outdoor decorations. These provide a small but vital barrier of protection, especially if your decorations are exposed to the outdoor elements.

Examine Outdoor Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFIs)

All outdoor electrical receptacles are required to be in GFI circuits to protect your home electrical grid. These outlets have “TEST” and “RESET” buttonsonthem. Before setting up your decorations, test each outdoor outlet to make sure it is still good. As a note, GFI outlets should also be present in each bathroom and kitchen in your home.

Add Exterior Outlet Covers

It may seem like a small thing, but a cover for your outdoor outlets can save the day should inclement weather attack your decorations. These covers are often marked “In Use” and shield the outlet from rain, debris and dust, all of which can bring an end to your outdoor decorative masterpiece.

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Now is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector. While you’re at it, vacuum them and test each one after replacing the batteries.

Inspect Exterior Lighting Lightbulbs

Along with your decorations’ lightbulbs, make sure all of your home’s exterior lights and lamps have working bulbs. Always use the recommended wattage to stay safe. If a fixture doesn’t have a label with the recommended wattage, we recommend a 60 watt bulb.

Going out? Lights out!

If you are going out, turn off your decorations. It could save your home.

Enjoy the holiday and for any electrical issues or questions, give us a call at 303-399-7420.