Electrical Inspections Keep Workplaces Safe and Productive

Each year there are over 300 workplace deaths and 4,000 injuries attributable to electrical hazards. While some are due to improper acts on the part of employees, a great number are caused by faulty electrical systems that have been inherited with an older building or compromised over time by faulty repairs or construction methods.

Safety is good business, and Allstar Electrical Services wants to help make your workplace safe from electrical hazards. Our expert technicians will inspect your building’s electrical system to make sure it conforms to the latest electrical codes and workplace safety standards. It’s an easy and economical way to determine whether your electrical system is safe, reliable, and able to provide the power you need for your growing electrical demands.

Even new construction and equipment can have problems due to poor workmanship or faulty components. A proactive inspection plan will pay off in improved safety, increased reliability, and reduced downtime. It should be part of your business’s preventive maintenance program since it will find problems early in their failure cycle, allowing corrective measures to be taken to minimize the costs of damage and repairs.

Our licensed electricians perform detailed checks for potential hazards such as loose or worn connections, moisture, improper circuit breakers, code violations, overloaded service and any other conditions that may affect the safety and capacity of your electrical service. These inspections include a complete assessment of all your needs with recommendations for any changes, repairs, or upgrades, as well as information on how you can prevent trouble before it happens. You can also use our inspection report to build a wish list for future upgrades.

Your electrical system one of the most important assets of your business. Everything from phones and lights to computers and machinery depends on it, so why risk your employees’ safety and expensive downtime or financial setbacks when a comprehensive electrical safety inspection by Allstar is simple and affordable?  

Allstar Electrical has over 25 years of award-winning experience that runs the gamut from multi-million-dollar industrial, office, retail and institutional projects to multi-family buildings and sports and recreational facilities—both indoor and out—from new construction to small installations and remodels. Our Commercial Services staff brings a high level of professionalism to any project we’re involved with, treating both the client and fellow team members with respect and attention to detail regardless of the size and scope of the job. We’re always happy to review plans and offer advice for projects large and small.

Why risk dealing with unproven contractors? Learn about Allstar Electrical Services on our web site, AllstarElectrical.com. Then contact us to schedule an appointment to review your electrical needs. It’s as simple as calling 303.399.7420 or using our online service request, available anytime, day or night. We’ll show you why Allstar Electrical Services is your choice when it comes to powering your business.