Denver’s Allstar Electrical Service A Front Range Forerunner

DENVER, CO – Allstar Electrical Services, located in Denver, CO, redefines full service electrical service with ongoing preventive maintenance as well as problem solution. An award-winning leader in both new construction and remodeling, Allstar has served residential and business customers since the late 1990s, offering energy-saving tips that bring customer comfort and save them money at the same time.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as opening window coverings on south-facing windows on a sunny winter day,” says Allstar Electrical Service President Gary Stone. “At other times, it’s checking into a programmable thermostat or retrofitting an outdated system.” Stone’s primary concern: Evaluating a client’s home or business and offering as many options as possible. “We are ultimately looking to transform the market toward energy efficiency for all,” Stone says.

Stone says Homeowner’s Associations need to consider both individual electrical usage and cooperative electrical use. Lighting timers need to be installed and seasonally adjusted for cost effectiveness, and energy-efficient light bulbs should be considered. Energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs last up to 10 times longer and use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Allstar Electrical Service even offers an insurance policy in the event your lights or heat go out. At $95 annually, Allstar’s Winter Security Blanket, a Premier Customer Service Agreement, is affordable insurance against winter discomfort. Not only will Allstar’s electricians fully assess a customer’s home, but should an outage occur, Premium customers will be the first people to have their heat and lights on again.

Long-time customers of Allstar Electrical Service know their service is second to none. Allstar’s staff of fully licensed and insured electricians operates from fully-equipped vans, offering what Stone calls “the latest in technology with old-school quality.” Year-round, for new construction, remodeling or retrofitting, Allstar serves customers from individual homeowners to multi-use high rise buildings.

For more information, call Allstar electrical Services at (303) 399-7420 or visit Allstar on the web at www.allstarelectrical.com.