Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audits head off work stoppages, speed lease and sales negotiations

Electrical service on commercial and industrial properties is an all-important aspect of any commercial property owner’s operations, as an interruption can cause tenant downtime, and faulty, inadequate or outdated electrical to the facility can and often does hinder a sale of the property or delay the occupancy of a new lessee.

Whatever the case, if the commercial facility electrical isn’t right, the cost in time and money can be considerable.

For over 12 years, Allstar Electrical Services has been a leading electrical contractor in Colorado, and while a full-service shop handling both residential and commercial electrical issues, founder Gary Stone has specialized in commercial electrical service at his firm and for another 20 years as a licensed journeyman electrician. The company handles new-built commercial construction electrical installations, retrofitting and repair in existing properties, and in evaluations and commercial service audits to ensure a smooth operation.

The modern office building, warehouse or industrial facility places a lot of demand on its electrical systems what with the proliferation of electrical office equipment, new rules and tastes for indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and air conditioning units, signage, telecommunications, security systems, “green design” solar systems, and the additional wiring and power requirements of computer networks. In many buildings these requirements can vary by tenant or by specific-use departments within the space of a single tenant, which often means that buildings need to area-adjusted to better balance the demand loads – and this often changes when a lease expires and a new tenant fills in the space.

Electrical codes under the auspices of the National Electrical Code (NEC) are updated every three years – the current code was issued in July 2011 – and these stringent requirements are often mandated when there are significant changes and remodeling and tenant finish in a building. Also, when a commercial property is marketed for sale the condition of its electrical systems is often a key aspect of its salability and a chief negotiating point between buyer and seller. When these events occur, it is often wise and/or required that the building owner conduct an inspection of the facility electrical system to ensure it is up to code and ready to handle the demands of a new owner or tenant.

Allstar Electrical Services offers a complete Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit for commercial property owners where all challenges related to a property’s electrical service can be quickly addressed or eliminated before they become an interruption. At the very least, such an audit provides peace of mind that everything is ship-shape and ready for all building operations to grow and prosper.

In commercial properties the most typical problems to electrical panels are age, weather damage, and overloading of circuits, says Stone.

“In my experience, many commercial properties were built to handle one type of business operation and over the years there has been significant change in that business or a different tenant has moved in with different electrical use patterns,” says Stone. “Sometime these shifts happen without regard to the impact on the electrical system, which could and often does jeopardize electrical service. Weather also plays a role as electrical panels tend to be outside and subject to every weather and moisture extreme possible. Our service ensures your building is where it needs to be or it clearly shows what improvements should be made.”

An additional benefit of a complete Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit shows where significant savings on energy costs can be found. New lighting systems use far less energy than those specified in new construction or retrofits even a few years ago, an upgrade of HVAC systems to more energy efficient units also saves money, and the installation of solar photovoltaic systems can drastically reduce the amount of energy bought from the utility company. Allstar Electrical works in all of these areas and is an expert at making energy-efficient upgrades and installations.

Allstar Electrical Services Commercial Services Division delivers:

  • Design and Design Assist
  • New construction
  • Tenant finish
  • Remodel and retrofit
  • Service upgrades
  • Code corrections
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Signs
  • Outdoor lighting and controls
  • Security lighting
  • Bucket truck service
  • Generator installations
  • Machine hook-ups
  • Insurance claims
  • Inspections and testing
  • Computer circuits
  • Neon and florescent repairs
  • CCTV and card access systems
  • Photovoltaics
  • Parking lot lighting—new and repair
  • Serving property management companies and HOAs
  • LED lighting design services

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