Combat Dryness with a Whole House Humidifier

Colorado’s semi-arid climate is particularly noticeable in the winter when furnaces heat up outside air and squeeze the last few drops of moisture out of it.

Indoor humidity can drop to 15% or less at a mile high, causing dry skin, throats, and eyes along with startling shocks of static electricity. It can aggravate asthma, allergies, nosebleeds and sinus problems as well as make everyone more susceptible to colds and flu.

Humans aren’t the only things to suffer from desert-like dryness, either. Pets, especially birds, are affected, as are musical instruments, furniture, floors, and even paint and wallpaper. Dry air feels cooler than moist air, too, so you end up raising the thermostat, adding to both the dryness and your heating bills.

Fortunately, the solution is simple and relatively inexpensive, especially if you have a forced-air furnace.

Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers are easy to install and can actually pay their way with lower heating bills, not to mention the added comfort they provide. Generally placed in your furnace’s ductwork, this type of humidifier uses a water connection similar to a refrigerator icemaker’s to add water vapor to the outgoing air. A humidistat regulates your home’s humidity level, similarly to a thermostat, keeping it in the 30-50% range that’s ideal for comfort without reaching a level that can encourage mold and other problems associated with too high humidity. It’s much more convenient than room humidifiers,which have to be filled up and cleaned regularly and typically don’t monitor humidity levels. It’s also less likely to harbor harmful bacteria and mold, even while requiring less frequent cleaning.

Choosing the Right WholeHouse Humidifier for Your Home

You can install a whole house humidifier on both new and existing heating systems. There are even some that work with radiant or baseboard heating. But it’s important to install a system that’s sized right for your home and has controls that let it function optimally.

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