Clean installation is an allstar hallmark

Professional installation isn’t just about knowing your circuit breakers, voltage or LED lighting. Performing clean electrical work is as much about being meticulous with installation and clean-up, particularly when it comes to remodeling in residential homes.

Gary Stone, president of Allstar Electrical Services, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado with satellite services in Colorado Springs, Colorado, insists that his electricians, from master electricians to apprentices, leave an immaculate work area when they’re finished with an electrical upgrade or installation. If the job takes more than one day, it means cleaning up at the end of each day too, stresses Stone.

That organization on a surface level also filters down to demanding organization within electrical boxes. The point of that kind of detail-oriented management of electrical installation is that it ultimately makes it easier on the homeowner or building manager when they need to check the electrical box, whether that’s to trip a breaker after a power outage or if additional electrical services are added down the line.

It’s not unusual for unprofessional electricians to leave a breaker box unmarked or wiring to an outlet unfinished.

Stone won’t stand for that.

“Our clients remember us for the professional manner in which we show up on time, dressed in clean uniforms, driving fully equipped vans, and foremost how we engage with the customer as professionals,” Stone, who founded Allstar Electrical Services, Inc. based on the premise that too few electrical contracting companies were willing to go the extra mile investing time into proper job preparation and clean-up.

As part of the job done by Allstar Electrical Services’ electricians, the electrician calls to confirm timely arrival on the job site. After the electrician has reviewed the service area, he will inquire of the homeowner the best route to enter and exit the house so as not to be disruptive to the people living there or the activities ongoing in the home. Dogs and small children can be curious, and the Allstar electricians secure the work area so as not to endanger any pet or child.

Once the work is completed, Allstar electricians will vacuum or sweep the work area, taking packaging materials with them when they leave versus leaving the boxes and scrap wrapping materials on the floor for the customer to tidy up.

“It’s our belief that an overall professional electrician, one that presents professionally to the customer is also the superior choice for competent electrical installation. When the job is finished, we want our customers to remember the event as pleasant, well-managed and thorough. We bring a package offering to the client’s location and the reward is the excellent feedback we regularly get after every job is finished,” adds Stone.

Allstar Electrical Services can be reached by calling Colorado Springs office at 719-314-9419 or Denver at (303) 399-7420 to schedule an estimate or a repair.