Beware of online electrical purchases

Q. I’ve heard there are environmentally superior fixtures I can use in my home remodel. In fact, I’ve seen some fixtures online that look attractive. I’m just worried though because what if they don’t look right when they are delivered.

A. Ask any internet devotee if they’ve made a purchase online that they later regretted and chances are you’ll hear a resounding YES. The bigger question has to do with online store’s policies regarding returns or exchanges.

We have been made aware of some online retailers who only allow exchange for “in-store” credit. If the light fixture isn’t what you want, chances are you will want your credit card to be credited so that you can purchase another fixture elsewhere.

That’s not to say that all online lighting retailers are a bad option. If you live in a major metropolitan area like Denver, there are many reputable lighting stores to chose from. Some of them sell their product online too. Some retailers are exceptional when it comes to handling your product complaints, even paying for the shipping to return the unsatisfactory item to them without charge to you.

Bottom line: be sure you read the online retailers’ exchange policies before giving them access to your credit card.

The important thing is for you to know that the lighting fixture(s) you are selecting to be installed in your home or office will properly light the area you are intending to fix by installing better, improved lighting. A visit to a lighting store can ensure that the light you are considering is appropriate. Often lighting stores have the lights on display and electrified so that you can actually see it turned on.

Q. I am in a rush to select a fixture and don’t have time to waste. What should I do?

A. Rethink your plan. Often even local stores will need to special order lighting. That can take as long as three weeks or more. Even if a store has a light on display, that doesn’t mean that they have as many of the lights as you need on their warehouse shelf. The lighting of your choice might be on backorder, which delays your installation even longer.

We seriously recommend that you don’t rush to have a fixture installed that will need to be changed out any time soon. Our service fees at Allstar Electrical Services are competitive and affordable, but no one wants to spend extra installing and reinstalling light fixtures.

The right fixture installed correctly should be an investment that lasts 5 to 10 years before you even consider changing the “look” of your lighting again.

Q. I heard that some electrical repair services have their own lighting resources. Does Allstar Electrical Services?

A. Allstar Electrical Services has relationships with quality lighting stores that allows us to access lighting for clients at a discount IF we are the electrician installing the lighting fixture for that customer. Call us for a free estimate and to schedule repairs. Our number is 303-399-7420.