Best Vehicles and Cargo Vans for Electricians

If you are starting your career as an electrical worker or as an electrician, there will come a time when you need to consider upgrading your vehicle to meet the needs of your job. Normally, if you are working for an electrical contractor, chances are they will provide a vehicle for you. But if it is a smaller company or you are working as an independent contractor, the vehicle will be your responsibility.

As we have covered in recent articles, the tools and equipment you need to perform your job will continue to grow, not to mention the supplies you will need to have on hand. When conduit, tools and such have overtaken your Toyota Camry, it’s time to upgrade. You will need a cargo van.

Read below to learn more about our most-recommended cargo vans for electricians. With some due diligence, you can find a quality used cargo van and save some money!

Chevrolet Express Cargo Van

This full-sized cargo van is available in an array of configurations to meet your needs. With up to 284 cubic feet of space, 146.2 inches in length and a height of 53.4 inches, it’s not the largest van in the running, but we give it an A+ for handling and maneuverability. In fact, when driving it, you’ll have a hard time remembering you are driving a cargo van. V8 turbo diesel is an option, which will give you the power and fuel economy you are looking for.

Ford E-350 Econoline Van

With a maximum cargo area of 309.4 cubic feet, this van isn’t the largest option for your tools and supplies, but the optional V10 will give you the get up and go you need.

Ford Transit

Recently, the Ford Econoline van series transitioned to the newly-branded Ford Transit. The transit comes with the largest cargo space option - 496 cubic feet. With the twin turbo V6, you won’t need to worry that it’s not offered in a V8.

Nissan NV 2500/3500

With a slightly smaller cargo capacity at 323.1 cubic inches of cargo space, you will find the Nissan NV 2500/3500 is not as spacious as the Ford, but adequate for your needs as an electrician. The optional V8 will give you the power you need to get moving on those service calls.

Dodge Ram ProMaster

We saved the most spacious cargo van option for last! The Dodge Ram ProMaster comes in at a full 529.7 cubic feet of cargo space. An optional 3-liter turbo diesel for power will get you where you are going with good MPG in mind. If cargo space is your main concern, this van will give you the most.

As you work as an electrician, you will find that a well cared for cargo van is essential to your job. Finding a quality used van will save you money and allow you to spend more on tools and supplies to support your customers. At AllStar Electrical, we provide our electricians with quality vans that are well-maintained and ready to roll when the service calls come in. To learn more about our services and company, call us at (303) 399-7420