Avoid Costly Mistakes with a Mid-Project Walkthrough

Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, scheduling a work-in-progress walkthrough with your architect/designer and subcontractors can avoid annoying and costly re-dos. A careful assessment of electrical and plumbing installations after the framing is up but before drywall is hung lets you confirm that walls, doors, and windows are where you want them and that fixtures, switches, and outlets are where they belong.

Perfect Plans Aren’t Always Perfect
Your architect or designer should have given the contractors detailed drawings and plans for where things should be located and how they should be constructed. But mistakes can be made, both by designers and contractors, and the time to fix them is before costly and time-consuming changes need to be made in finished spaces.

If contractors make mistakes by not following plans, reputable firms will stand by their work and make the necessary changes without charging for them. If the plans were off, but the contractor followed them, the blame lies elsewhere and contractors should not be expected to make the corrections at their expense. Who pays is a matter between you and your architect/designer. But don’t settle for less than you want or have a right to expect. Negotiate while the changes are easier done. Regardless of who pays, the costs will be lower than if you wait.

Changing Your Mind
You, your designer, or even a contractor may notice a change to the original plans that will improve the design or functionality of a space. Once the framing is up and windows are installed, you may decide the placement of overhead lighting, outlets, switches, or plumbing is off or could be improved. Doors and widows may not be optimal when you look at their placement now that the walls are in place.

Unlike fixing mistakes, change orders are on the owner, but making changes before walls are closed up is usually much less expensive. Weigh the costs versus the benefits in making your decisions, but remember, it’s your house and you’re the one who will be living in it.

Communicate Clearly
Bring your plans and a tape measure to verify locations and dimensions. Whether it’s correcting a mistake or making changes, be sure to document things in writing, including new measurements and locations. Use a permanent marker to mark framing and subfloor locations. Masking tape can be helpful when locating things like appliances, cabinets, and islands. You can also use it to visualize placement of furniture and artwork for lighting and flow patterns.

Choose Contractors Carefully
Remodeling, renovations, and additions need reliable and experienced contractors who stand behind their work. Allstar Electrical Services delivers the quality results you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with you and your designer and other contractors to ensure your new project is done right, on budget and on schedule.

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