Are Thieves Stealing Your Power?

Did you get sticker shock when your last couple of utility bills arrived? If you did, you’re not alone.

Skyrocketing gas and electric rates have combined with a brutal winter to cause many Coloradans to look for ways to cut back on energy use without sacrificing comfort and convenience. They’ve lowered their thermostats, added insulation, and fixed leaky doors and windows but the outrageous bills keep coming. What more is there to do?

Maybe it’s time to become your own private eye and track down some energy thieves.

Where Are the Culprits?

According to energy experts, these are the biggest energy users in a typical home, followed by links to articles on the Allstar Electrical Services blog on how to keep them from robbing you.

What uses the most energy in your home:

Cooling and heating: 47%

Ways to Save:

Water heater: 14%

Ways to Save:

  • Set the temperature to 120°F or lower
  • Keep the unit well maintained. Scale can build up in electric heaters and increase energy use
  • Keep showers brief
  • Consider an undersink heater for the kitchen or other spots where hot water use is high.

Washer and dryer: 13%, Dishwasher: 2%

  • Wait to wash and dry until you have a full load
  • Wash clothes in cold water except when necessary
  • Keep dryer vents clear
  • Don’t prewash dishes and use normal wash setting unless necessary
  • Let dishes air dry.

Lighting: 12%

Ways to Save:

  • Replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED lights.

Refrigerator: 4%

Ways to Save:

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer settings at the recommended temperatures
  • Keep the coils behind or below the box clean.

Electric oven: 3-4%

Ways to Save:

Home Electronics: 4%

Ways to Save:

  • Power off computers, printers, monitors, game consoles, TVs, and audio equipment when not in use. They all draw current when left in standby mode.
    Some things like WiFi networks, cable boxes and security systems should be left on, though, since they perform various functions when not in use.

Saving a few percentage points here and there may not seem like much, but they add up. Even a 10% overall reduction can save several hundred dollars a year.

When It’s Time to Upgrade, It’s Time to Call a Pro

Sometimes, upgrading or changing electrical service and appliances can be complicated. If not done carefully, it can cost more than money—it can pose serious risks to both your property and the precious things it houses.

Let Allstar Electrical Services help you assess the costs and benefits of such a move. Give us a call at 303.399.7420 or visit our website. We’re top-rated by the Better Business Bureau and a preferred contractor by Angi’s Home Advisor. We’re ready to work with you to get the results you expect and deserve.