Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If your home or office was built between 1965 and the mid-to-late ’70s, chances are good that aluminum wiring was used for all or part of your electrical service. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and when copper prices soared in the mid-’60s, it came into widespread use. But aluminum has properties that can create serious problems with wiring, and today it is rarely used for branch circuits in new home construction.

Fire Hazard

Aluminum expands and contracts much more than copper and that’s where the problems start. Expansion and contraction can cause connections to loosen, leading to a risk of overheating and fire. This becomes an even greater risk when aluminum wiring is connected to fixtures or to other copper wiring because metals expand and contract at different rates, increasing the likelihood of loose connections and serious problems.

If you’re experiencing flickering lights or appliances, that can be a sign of poor connections as can warm switches or outlets and the smell of burning plastic. These are indications of a potential disaster and should be addressed immediately.

Find a Licensed Electrician

Dealing with aluminum wiring is not a DIY project. While there are fixtures and connectors designed for aluminum wiring and aluminum-to-copper connections, underlying issues such as oxidation and proper installation are beyond the scope even experienced DIYers. Any work on an aluminum wiring system should be dealt with only by licensed electricians.

Conduct an Electrical System Inspection

Allstar Electrical Services’ licensed electricians are experts in replacing aluminum wiring to protect your home from potential risks. If you notice any warning signs or even suspect your home may have aluminum wiring, have the professionals at Allstar Electrical Services conduct an electrical system inspection to identify potential problem areas and make the necessary repairs to bring your home wiring up to current standards.

Call the Front Range Experts

Allstar Electrical has served the Front Range for 15 years and is top-rated by the BBB and Angie’s List. We offer homeowners expert aluminum wiring repair and remediationservices as well as reliable construction, remodeling and repair work that is safe and up to code.

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