Allstar Electrical Service is now taking service calls in Colorado Springs

Q. I live in Colorado Springs and need electrical repair at my home, but I don’t know who to call?

A. Allstar Electrical Service has expanded its service area to include El Paso County, the county seat of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

El Paso County lies encompasses more than 2,158 square miles, slightly more than twice the area of the state of Rhode Island excluding Narragansett Bay. That’s a large service area in addition to already serving the Front Range from Ft. Collins south. But Allstar Electrical Services owner Gary Stone says he decided to provide service to Colorado Springs when would-be customers called to say they couldn’t get good service from any of the electrical contractors already serving the area.

Colorado Sprngs has a population of 575,851 living in 216,015 households. Almost half of the county’s residents are military personnel with an estimated civilian labor force of 264,000.

Q. Will I pay more for Allstar Electrical Services to do the repairs at my home or business?

A. Since opening Allstar Electrical Services in the late 1990’s, Stone has insisted that his team of certified, licensed and master electricians and apprentices respect homeowners’ and business owners’ schedules by keeping on-time for service appointments. While that might seem to indicate Allstar’s services are more expensive because they are more thorough, right down to keeping appointments, the fact is that it saves the customer money. The customer doesn’t have to wait an entire day or half day for the electrician to show up at the job site. That way the customer can do what he or she would otherwise be doing and plan to meet the electrician at a specific time versus waiting.

Also, Allstar’s electricians travel in fully-equipped vans, vans that are marked with Allstar’s logo, and that too saves money. If the repair part necessary to make your repair is a routine part, chances are that the Allstar electrician who shows up at your job site will have the parts needed with him already. That too saves money and time, getting the job done in one service call, not two, and also saving time having to source common electrical parts that a reliable repair service like Allstar knows to carry on the van proactively.