Shocking Facts About International Travel

The holidays are right around the corner, and for many people that means travelling to exotic locales. And hardly anyone goes anywhere these days without electrical devices of one sort or another. But electrical service isn’t uniform across borders, so before you melt your charger or turn… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on November 20, 2017 | Categories: online concerns

Is It Time For A Home Theater?

As cold weather drives us indoors, a home theater can be a cozy retreat for entertaining family and friends. And with the holiday season right around the corner, fall’s a great time to add a home theater. Home theaters can be rooms of their own, or they can be designed to fit in with other… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on November 02, 2017 | Categories: online concerns

Buyer Beware – Especially on the Internet

It’s never nice to have to tell a customer that they’ve wasted hundreds of dollars and hours of shopping time, but with more and more people buying on the internet, it’s becoming all too common. It happened to one of our regular customers, and she wanted us to tell her story so it wouldn’t… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on October 31, 2017 | Categories: online concerns, safety

Generator Service: The Electrician vs. The Handyman

Some electrical installation and repair work can be done by someone with a basic understanding of how circuits work. While hazards exist with electrical work of any kind, things like replacing a broken light switch or adding a dimmer are within the capabilities of anyone who can understand… ... Read More

Maximize the Impact of Your Lighting Retrofit

If you are considering a retrofit of your current office lighting to LED lights, there are some things you can do to maximize the effect. While the process of exchanging old-fashioned incandescent or fluorescent lighting for LED lights will reduce your energy bill in itself, there are… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on September 26, 2016 | Categories: building security , energy savings, high bay lighting, home improvement, induction lighting, light fixtures, lighting, online concerns, press, remodeling, safety, saving money

LED and Induction Lighting to Cut Summer Costs

With the heat of summer soon approaching, cranking your air conditioner will have you searching for ways to save. Whether backyard parties create the need for new decorative lighting for walls and walkways, or you’re simply looking for a full kitchen remodel, going green is the pervading… ... Read More

Common Home Electrical Problems and Code Violations

Is your home an outlaw? Chances are that if it’s more than a couple of decades old, you may have things that wouldn’t pass muster if an electrical inspector were to show up tomorrow. Some may just be nuisances, but some can be downright dangerous. Here are some things to look… ... Read More

Buying electrical appliances online? Beware of shock factor

Q: I’d like to use the Internet to shop for lighting fixtures. Is there anything I need to be careful of? A: Buying your lighting fixtures online can be risky. Troubles can range from simple annoyances to potentially dangerous situations that can result in fires…or worse. Safety is… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on October 18, 2007 | Categories: light fixtures, online concerns

Beware of online electrical purchases

Q. I’ve heard there are environmentally superior fixtures I can use in my home remodel. In fact, I’ve seen some fixtures online that look attractive. I’m just worried though because what if they don’t look right when they are delivered. A. Ask any internet devotee if they’ve made a… ... Read More

Posted by Allstar Electrical Services, LLC on September 19, 2007 | Categories: light fixtures, online concerns

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