Avoid Holiday Disasters with These Tips

We can’t prevent bad food or family squabbles over the holidays, but we can help you prevent the greater tragedies of injuries and house fires due to faulty or misplaced electrical wiring and connections.

Here are a few holiday fire facts from the National Fire Prevention Association’ applied research:

Heat Pumps: Thrifty, Eco-Friendly Heating/Cooling Options Year-Round

When it comes to cooling your home or office, a heat pump is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Why would you want to pump heat around during the summer? But what gets overlooked is that heat pumps work in two directions—they bring heat in, but they…

Want to Help Save the Planet? Become an Electrician!

Would you rather spend $100,000 (or more) on a 4-year college degree or earn twice that much in the same amount of time while making life simpler, safer, and more environmentally friendly for hundreds of families and workers?

Then a career as an electrician may be perfect for you.


The Freeze Is On…Again

Only hours ago, on24-October 2022, Denver temps fell to 31 degrees and a trace of snow was spotted on the ground at the official weather station at Denver International Airport. It was just five months to the day of the late spring snowstorm May 21 that left 210,000 Xcel customers…

Backup Power Importance Grows

As we become ever more reliant on electrical and electronic devices the need for reliable electric power increases. While urban power outages tend to be brief, typically lasting only a few hours, major storms or disasters can bring interruptions of several days…or more. And in Colorado’s foothills and high country,…


On my kitchen counters I have a toaster, microwave, and coffee maker. I am not the norm.

Most people have lots of small appliances in their kitchen and they’re buying even more in 2022. The small kitchen appliance market is estimated to be $102.31 billion for this year alone. It’s…